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CCTV footage of the incident shows Yildirim leading the girl to a disabled toilet in the southeast shopping mall where they stayed for nine minutes while Yildirim penetrated her.

He was jailed for three years but on his release his visa was not revoked.

The conviction gave Polla, who first made a statement to police 15 years ago, some closure, but not without a heavy emotional cost.

Judge Cotterell convicted Rolls on the theft charges and jailed him for five months, wholly suspended for 12 months.

Like any type of sexual assault, the number of unreported cases is quite possibly far higher.

We’d like to try and get a better understanding of the problem but we need your help.

Starow was convicted and put on a community-based order for 12 months and was ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid community work.

She was able to break free after hitting him in the testicles.

The concept of the Victorian workhouse – the Poors’ Asylum or Poor House, as it was called in Halifax – has passed entirely from our collective memory and is now conjured up chiefly by Charles Dickens’ vivid recreations of life behind the workhouse walls.

In sentencing today, Judge Rosie Davey said Millard travelled to Adelaide but chickened out of meeting with the girl - actually an undercover police officer.

“Police may need the assistance of the media to track down further victims.

When one of them said she was a virgin, Millard replied: Not for long.

Authorities have still not guaranteed the serial sex offender will be deported after he serves his latest jail term - Read more below.

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