Updating garmin 760

It’s very simple indeed, you just need to know what to press.

You can also learn how to change countries on your Garmin if you travel from country to country.

You will probably never see it listed on the Garmin site again. I knew about webupdater but did not have it on the machine I was using at the time and so I was in the middle of downloading it when I went to check if anyone had commented on my comment.

So it is now downloaded on this machine and is acknowledging a 5.40 update which I am doing now....

Read on to see why I purchased a Garmin GPS and how I learned to switch the maps on my Garmin Nuvi GPS.

Printing my driving directions from the internet was always very easy and more than enough for me…until recently.

To help others that might be experiencing this here is Garmin's Webupdater page. my Dashboard is flaky and frankly, I don't understand why Garmin feels there needs to be two methods of updating critical firmware/system software, with one being error-prone. It's tried and proven and does what it's supposed to do without confusion.

my Dashboard is flaky and frankly, I don't understand why Garmin feels there needs to be two methods of updating critical firmware/system software, with one being error-prone. I thought I was updating Basecamp & I updated my 760 by not reading the messages that popped up.

The need for a GPS system became very clear and as a result I purchased a great Garmin GPS unit.

Important: This software update will restore user settings to default. Fixed an error that caused the 'System About' page to freeze.

Garmin should change this to "7x0" since "7xx" could mean either the nuvi 7x0 or 7x5 series. Fixed an error that sometimes caused units to shut down after upgrading software.

It might lessen the cost of developing and maintaining multi-platform applications. But when I shut down Nuvi with power button and then turn it on again I get no reaction from Nuvi at all. The only significant problem I have heard about is that the Language Guide app is broken and this affects only a small handful of people who have the paid subscription version of the Language Guide. I've only driven about 15 miles so far, but I'm optimistic.

Related to this, I have always wondered why Garmin called the app Web Updater, since it is an installed client based app and not browser based ... Since it has been over a year and Garmin has given us no indication that they intend to fix this, I do not look for any additional software updates on this series.

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Having a GPS Unit while travelling seems old fashioned these days because of our cell phones.

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