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Sex offenders and felons looking for jobs should look to smaller companies. Most smaller businesses do not do background checks because they can be expensive. You can get a list of independent garages from you local phone book. If you have to fill out an application, there may be a space that asks about criminal records. If the question does come on an interview, be honest but, as I suggest to ex-offenders and felons, simply acknowledge the charge but don’t spend a lot of time talking about it. Types of jobs: Work-from-home customer service and technical support representatives.Special perks: Work-from-home means the dress code is your choice!I did as they called for, went to the station, waited for forty-five minutes, got my picture taken, fingerprinted, DNA swabbed, and reconfirmed my address and information, even so they still charged me with it because he did not do his job.It was my responsibility to make sure the documents got to the state.I was eventually kicked out of college because they found out. In ’07 I was working at a good company when I got my next charge.“Failure to register as a Sex Offender.” This was because the person who did my DNA and fingerprinting did not send it to the state office like he was supposed to.

Types of jobs: Assist customers on the selling floor, interact with customers via call centers, coordinate shipments to stores and directly to online shoppers.

The number of those types of jobs has jumped considerably in recent years because more holiday shopping is done online, says Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., which tracks industry hiring.

Other opportunities this time of year include work-from-home call center positions.

My mother signed for all others, but she could not this time.

The funny thing is, she NEVER got notice of there was something to even be signed.

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